Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things requires the development of increasingly complex distributed systems.

The MontiThings ecosystem [KRS+22] provides an end-to-end solution to modeling, deploying, and analyzing Internet of Things systems. Since IoT systems are often based on unreliable hardware, MontiThings especially focusses on failure-detection and analysis. Using its component-and-connector architecture description language, many failure detection and resolving mechanisms can be automatically added to the generated code [KRS+22]. For errors not being detected at design time, MontiThings offers analysis tools that can be automatically integrated into the generated code [KMR21]. By using a model-driven approach, MontiThings can also synthesize the integration with digital twins [KMR+20].

We have investigated how model-driven methods can support the development of privacy-aware [ELR+17] [HHK+14] cloud systems [PR13]. Especially, we presented an approach for assuring the privacy of user data even if it is processed in a cloud and, thus, not under the user’s control [HHK+14]. Furthermore, we investigated distributed systems security [HHR+15], privacy-aware process mining [MKM+19], and distributed robotics applications [RRRW15b].

Industry 4.0

In the course of Industry 4.0, we have also turned our attention to mechanical and electrical applications [DRW+20]. Using a SysML profile, we enabled mechanical engineers to model systems like an automotive cooling pump in a reusable way [DRW+20]. We identified the digital representation, integration, and (re-)configuration of automation systems as primary Industry 4.0 concerns [WCB17]. Using a multi-level modeling framework, we support machine as a service approaches [BKL+18].

Key Statements

  1. The structure of component-and-connector architectures enables code generators to automatically enhance the generated software with mechanisms for failure detection, analysis, and recovery. Thus, it can increase the realiability IoT applications.
  2. Component-and-connector architectures support modeling a wide variety of concerns of IoT applications, including data privacy, mechanical, and electrical aspects.

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