Chair of Software Engineering

Software Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Bernhard Rumpe

Our Mission

Improving software and systems development by identifying:

  • methods, concepts, tools and infrastructures for
  • innovative and efficient incremental development
  • of software and software intensive high quality systems
  • in less time while
  • flexibly integrating evolving requirements.

Bernhard Rumpe, Chair of Software Engineering, RWTH Aachen

Interesse an einer Promotion?

Wir suchen engagierte wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter mit Interesse an einer Promotion im Software Engineering.

Sie könnten an einer der renommiertesten deutschen Universitäten im Bereich Informatik forschen!

Hier gibt es Details. Oder melden Sie sich bei Bernhard Rumpe, Eine aussagekräftige Bewerbungsunterlage ist dabei hilfreich.

Interessed in a Ph.D. thesis / Doctorate?

You can elaborate your knowledge at one of the most renowned German universities in the field of Computer Science!

We are looking for dedicated academics interested in a doctorate in software engineering and especially the enhancement and application of modelling techniques in engineering and science.

Here you find more details. Or contact Bernhard Rumpe, Meaningful application documents are helpful.

Main Research TopicsWe are interested in quite a number of foundational and applied topics. Below we have collected especially interesting publications around our main research topics, application domains, and tools. Further links to research are:

Some Interesting Books: